Powerlifting for the young athlete.

The most important thing you will need to know.

We all love powerlifting, but let’s face it; we are competing in a very small sport. Very few people have even heard of powerlifting. If there was ever a sport that relies on volunteers, it is powerlifting. Capo has always relied on help from volunteers for competitions to go ahead. If you want our sport to be successful it is important that you all help out regularly at all competitions.

CAPO has shown how strong it is, by rising above real adversity in recent times, we need all young lifters to join us, share the load and make CAPO even stronger for the future; you, the lifter will ultimately benefit from our united efforts.

If you are a newcomer to the sport, please ensure you always let the event promoters know some times where you are available to help out. There is no better way to learn about the sport, than by helping with the running of a competition. You will witness at close hand, great athletes, lifting some massive weights, what better place could there be to learn?

The following are areas where we need your help:

– Spotting and loading: This is usually quite physically demanding, everyone understands that you would not like to do this before you compete. After you have finished competing there are usually many opportunities to help out here. I am sure no one would want to compete if there were no spotters and loaders, everyone should regularly help out here. Unfortunately in recent times, it always seems to be the same people spotting and loading, whilst we greatly appreciate the efforts of these fine sportspeople, let’s all make sure to give them some help, or better yet, some competitions where they are not required at all. You may have noticed that some of the sport’s greatest lifters are often up on stage spotting and loading for everyone else, these people are usually quite busy coaching and helping others out as well. Really not that surprising given that these people are champions in many more ways than one and exhibit great strength of character in addition to their physical strength.

– Refereeing – Everyone who has competed for any length of time needs to take the referee exam. Knowing the rules inside out will make you a better lifter. We are very undermanned in this area, make it a priority to take the exam at some stage.

– Mono lift operator – An extremely important job in today’s competitions. Please, only volunteer for this job if you are an experienced monolifter!

– MC – We are fortunate to have a number of great people in this area, if you think you could make a good MC, please, let us know. I am sure Adam and co. (no pun intended) would be very grateful to have some people on hand to give them a few small breaks.

– Marshall – another very important job, best suited to a fairly experienced competitor.

– Working on the table – We need timers, scorers and general helpers here. This is not a physically taxing job and can easily be taken on, in the days prior to your own lifting.

– Bump In/Bump out – we need all hands on deck here, we are often under a great deal of time sensitive-stress here. If everyone just helped out a little here, these jobs would be taken care of very easily.

– General helpers – there is always work to do, running errands, getting refreshments for spotters and loaders etc.


You may notice on the new national competition entry forms there is a new area to complete, letting us know when you will be available to volunteer. If you “forget” to fill out this area of the form, expect a call from someone on the committee to arrange your times over the phone.

We do of course understand that sometimes you may have to leave a competition early for work or family related matters. Of course that is fine; you can always help out next time. If you are unable to help out at competitions after you have competed, you would obviously not be seen loitering around backstage, or in the audience merely watching. Something I have noticed in my time on the committee is that the same people, who never volunteer, are those who make the most demands on my time, “What flight am I in?” “What time do I weigh in?” “How many lifters are there in my flight?” Presumably, as these lifters are too busy to help out, they are also too busy to check information for themselves on the website or Facebook like everyone else.

I can assure you, your efforts will not go unnoticed. We all greatly appreciate those people who always help out. There are many who come to competitions for the sole purpose of helping, never a thought of competing themselves. The fact that so many champions of yesteryear are perennial helpers, should be a great example to you all, these people owe the sport nothing and have long since paid their dues, yet time and time again we are reliant on them to help our competitions go ahead.

This article is not directed at any individual, you know yourself if you give back to CAPO and you really should, as it gives so much to everyone involved. Powerlifting is a great sport, as a young lifter you have a great opportunity to help it grow; your efforts when you are not lifting are every bit as important as when you are.









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