Help me put together my pedal-board

I was very excited to receive the pedal-board (as pictured) earlier today. Before I start putting the various pedals I have acquired over the years. I would be very interested to hear any guitarist’s opinions on what I should and should not include.


I would also be very interested to hear your point of view on configurations or do’s and don’ts as to the order of these pedals. Please leave your comments in the space provided and keep an eye out over the next week for the follow up video blog showing the end result. I am really looking forward to hearing your comments and or suggestions.



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  • Nick Disco 22 Jul 15 @ 9:52 AM Reply

    just wondering if you’re planning to include a fx loop switcher so you can have preset patches/ sounds?

    • Brendan Hains 23 Jul 15 @ 7:55 AM Reply

      Hi Nick, I was thinking about it. I am definitely running some through the pedal board’s effects loop to the effects loop of one of my amps, which has its own foot switching option, I may not need more than that.

  • Jayden Genuis 23 Jul 15 @ 10:19 AM Reply

    Pedal boards are great for keeping gear neat and organized, particularly when setting up for a performance, I’ve learned the hard way that having your pedals and such already set up is a much quicker way of organizing yourself on stage, the last thing you want is an input in the wrong place and ruins your whole sound. Also keeps you more focused on the performance prior to performing.

    • Brendan Hains 24 Jul 15 @ 8:58 AM Reply

      Very good point Jayden. After 30 odd years of getting tangled in leads and tripping over pedals I decided to finally get a board together. Now I am having option anxiety, so many pedals to choose from!

  • manuel 23 Jul 15 @ 10:57 AM Reply

    You can add one keeley Compressor to your pedal board it is a great pedal and it’s “true bypass” wich is also important in any effect pedal.

    • Brendan Hains 24 Jul 15 @ 8:59 AM Reply

      Yes Manuel, I have heard that is a great pedal, I will probably just stick with my Boss compressor as it has served me well in the past.

  • Michael V 24 Jul 15 @ 12:04 AM Reply

    As someone who generally doesn’t use pedals all I can offer is, if it’s in your ears then put it at your feet. Hopefully that way you can fly at the gig!

    • Brendan Hains 24 Jul 15 @ 9:01 AM Reply

      Thanks Michael, I think Miles Davis said ‘if you can’t hear it, you can’t play it.”

  • Brendan Hains 25 Jul 15 @ 1:21 AM Reply

    The pedals I will use are;
    Dunlop Cry baby Wah*
    Boss cs2 compressor
    Inbanez t808 tube screamer
    Zen drive – tube preamp overdrive
    Seymour Duncan – twin tube preamp
    Mxr Distortion 3
    Klon centaur overdrive
    Boss oc2 octave pedal
    Mxr uni vibe
    Mxr fet driver
    Mxr analog chorus
    Mxr phase 90 phaser
    Mxr carbon copy analog delay
    Mxr LA machine octave fuzz
    Planet waves true strobe pedal tuner*
    Zoom driver zoom 5000*
    Zoom choir zoom 5050 digital chorus reverb and delay unit***
    Boss rc20 loop station *
    I also have a Heil Talk Box which will almost certainly not go on the board.

    * – Denotes – Not sure if I will use yet

  • Kostas 25 Jul 15 @ 2:56 AM Reply

    i think the main priority on any of my peal boards would be a wah pedal and a nice crunch/distortion. The I would add in all the others after. On my board its a a MXR distortion 3 (though i would trade for the original Ibanez tube screamer) and a Jim Dunlop 535Q Wah peadal. So i would be able to get a diverse range of sound.

  • Brendan Hains 25 Jul 15 @ 3:08 AM Reply

    Thanks Kostas, The MXR distortion 3 is a favourite of mine, similar to the Ibanez 808 tube screamer, I use both for slightly different tones.

  • Tim 06 Aug 15 @ 5:52 AM Reply

    I usually prefer the sound of the amp, but the Boss rc20 Loop Station has been a great addition to my equipment. Fun to perform with (one needs to practise perfect timing), and a huge asset in testing out new ideas at home.

    • Brendan Hains 07 Aug 15 @ 9:30 AM Reply

      Thanks Tim, loopers are fast becoming a standard part of everyone’s set up. I also like the new Micro Looper from Mooer.

  • Brendan Hains 19 Aug 15 @ 4:21 AM Reply

    Just letting you all know, I called in and helped Brendan, the pedal board is now complete, keep your eyes out for a video blog coming soon!

  • GTM 19 Aug 15 @ 6:20 AM Reply

    Guitar Teacher Man here, everything seems to be in order. Carry on.

  • Cristian 06 Sep 15 @ 11:40 AM Reply

    I’m sure you’re across it but a general default guide you’d put pedals in this order:
    O/Drives & Distortions

    Having said that, it’s all depends on what you’re hearing. For example, in regards to the OC-2, I found that I enjoy it before all my drives so that I can distort the octave signal rather than “octaving” the distorted signal. I also run all my pedals in front of the amp rather than using a Loop FX because I like hearing the grit in mods and delays but again, that’s very much a personal preference.

    One thing that I found extremely useful is using an expression pedal to control the wetness of my delay. This allows me to dial in a delay that is barely audible and more a “filler” type role to full on bouncing of the wall delays. I love being able to manipulate and ride that with my foot!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    • GTM 07 Sep 15 @ 4:32 AM Reply

      Thanks Cristian, I prefer all modulation type effects in the loop. I like the front of the amp for all drive type pedals. Please remind me to discuss some of your points in person , especially the expression pedal for delays etc.

  • Brendan Hains 04 Aug 16 @ 6:08 AM Reply

    The Klon Centaur finally arrived!
    Time to remove some pedals to make room!

  • GTM 04 Aug 16 @ 6:09 AM Reply


  • Brendan Hains 05 Aug 16 @ 7:09 AM Reply

    Thanks GTM. Have you tried the Klon?

    • GTM 05 Aug 16 @ 7:17 AM Reply

      I have tried them but I think they are too expensive really. I don’t really need fancy effects pedals to make me sound good. I do after all have guitar playing superpowers!

      • Brendan Hains 05 Aug 16 @ 10:31 AM Reply

        That’s all well and good GTM but us mortals are always looking for a better sound. If I had superpower fingers and subsequent tone, I would not rely on these effects so much. Yours truly, Brendan Hains F.Dip.A.

  • Brendan Hains 05 Aug 16 @ 7:10 AM Reply

    Thanks GTM. Have you tried the Klon yourself?

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