What did you learn today?

A question parents often ask students after their music lesson is: “What did you learn today?” or “Did you learn something new in the book?” Although they mean well, learning


Guitar Repairs – Brendan Hains – Guitar teacher Caroline Springs Guitar School. I have noticed over the years that a great many guitarists and students really don’t know how to

Fellowship Performer Concert

Congratulations to Brendan Hains who was successful in gaining ANZCA’s highest award: the Fellowship Diploma in Performance on Modern Guitar. The F.Dip.A. is performed under concert conditions and is assessed

Keep your guitar clean!

I have noticed that a large number of guitars brought into Caroline Springs School of Music for repairs or string changes are quite dirty. It is pretty obvious that some

Basic Guitar Technique Part Two

The Right Hand (for flatpickers).   An often misunderstood area of guitar technique is the correct functioning of the right hand. It is very important to spend time developing correct

Guitar technique Part One

The left hand. An often misunderstood area of guitar technique is the correct functioning of the left hand. Left hand thumb position is the most important aspect of left hand

Help me put together my pedal-board

I was very excited to receive the pedal-board (as pictured) earlier today. Before I start putting the various pedals I have acquired over the years. I would be very interested

The age of the Internet Lifter

In terms of technology and information available to lifters we have never had it so good. There is now a huge number of blogs, e books, Facebook pages and lifting

Changing Strings

As the owner of a guitar shop I have seen first hand that many guitarists simply do not change their strings often enough. I change strings on most of my