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Brendan is a Guitarist/Educator based in Melbourne Australia.
With over 40 years playing experience he draws from world, jazz and minimalist influences.
Brendan is head guitar instructor at Caroline Springs School of Music.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Review by Robin Lumley (BRAND X)

I hate “pigeon holes” but here I am forced to use some. Brendan Hains’s MODAL NOMAD is SORT OF Jazz-Rock,
SORT OF free-form improvisation and SORT OF a platform for some superb and accomplished playing.
Which leaves you none the wiser as this music is basically UNpigeonholable!

Mr Hains is an outrageously articulate guitar-player and has a writing style second to nobody.
I found this collection of original pieces (bar one track, which is an interpretation
of a John McGlaughlin tune) a wonderful journey through the various modal scales.

Mr Hains leads us, ever musically, by a route encompassing the Modes….thus the title.
We all know the Ionian scale..its what Western Music has been based upon for centuries…
but there are, after all, another six scalic modes with subtle appeals of their own.
This Mr Hains proceeds to demonstrate with a fluid and beautiful guitar technique
which underpins his writing skills. What a winner!

I truly thought that the era of getting such an album as this had passed and I am delighted to be proved wrong.
This kind of band and this kind of music really deserves a big exposure….the band should be booked into
all the important jazz festivals on the planet…sadly, we’re all aware that this is unlikely.

Brendan Hains has boldly released this record under his own steam and finances,
but it seems to me that a sympathetic record label should grab this one as fast as it can.
The CD is hardly ever off my player.
And for a man who can cite”Arthur TWO SHEDS” Jackson as an influence…well, that did it for me!!



This live album was recorded by Diabolus Musica sometime between 96-98 the pieces were mostly improvised around basic themes

recently remastered from the original that’s tape recorded with a stereo condenser mic in the back of the room.




Chris Young Trio

177 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Exact Date TBA
Uptown Jazz
28 Mar Saturday

Tet Factor Performance

Alfrieda Street St Albans VIC 3021
Vietnamese New Year
8 Jan Sunday

Tet Factor Performance

Leeds St Footscray VIC 3011
Vietnamese New Year
15 Jan Sunday

Tet Factor Performance

Victoria Street Richmond VIC 3121
Vietnamese New Year
22 Jan Sunday

Solo Album Release

23 Dec Saturday

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Law of Octaves

(dedicated to Gary Mckay)


(Featuring the Black Dog)




Solomon Grundy

About Brendan

"Mr Hains is an outrageously articulate guitar player and has a writing style second to nobody”
- Robin Lumley (Brand X)

Brendan Hains F.Dip.A b.1968

Melbourne based guitarist and educator; Brendan Hains, has been playing the guitar for over 40 years.

In 1989-91 he attended Guitar Craft courses with legendary King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp in New Zealand, USA and Switzerland. In 2015 he travelled to Holland for a special performance project by Robert Fripp and the Symphony of Crafty Guitarists.

A highly articulate player, Brendan has performed locally and internationally with many world class musicians. His critically and publicly acclaimed solo album; “Modal Nomad” was released in December 2006 coinciding with a virtuoso performance from Brendan and some of Australia’s most accomplished musicians at the Melbourne Town Hall, receiving a standing ovation. Tracks from the album have been used by the Australian Olympic team in synchronized-swimming. In 2015 Brendan released a new “old: album; Diabolus Musica “Vivunt Demun” (recorded live in 1998) 2016 saw the release of “Mantramancy” recorded in 1999. Another solo release is scheduled for early 2019.

Brendan’s current band with Julien Wilson, Jeremy Alsop, Sharky Ramos, Chris Young and Craig Beard perform jazz in Melbourne at corporate events.

A great highlight of Brendan’s career was realized in 2017 when he was invited to Savasi island in Fiji to perform a concert with Nathan East and his son, Noah East.

He has appeared on television and radio as well as being featured in Australian Guitar magazine and Guitarist Australia. His compositions have been included on their accompanying cds and have been universally well received. Brendan is also featured in Ron Payne’s book “The Twangbox Dynasty, A history of Australasian Guitar from 1836 to 2011” including notable players from Australia and New Zealand over a 150 year history.
Brendan has a wealth of teaching experience at private, secondary and tertiary levels, teaching up to over one hundred students a week. He has taught numerous professional musicians, guitar teachers and chart topping popular artists. Brendan has previously taught at NMIT and The VCA Guitar Intensive course.

He is founder and head guitar instructor at Caroline Springs School of Music. His student results are unsurpassed. Highly adept at teaching a broad array of musical styles, he has a great ability for imparting knowledge to beginner and advanced students. He is also a guitar and multi-instrumental examiner for ANZCA music examinations. He holds an ANZCA Fellowship Performer Diploma (ANZCA’s highest award).

In addition to his musical achievements Brendan is a multiple national record holder and world champion in powerlifting. Brendan coaches a number of junior and senior national record holders and current Men’s Open world champion; Shane Naylor.


Brendan Plays & uses

Klein Gk1

Ibanez George Benson model GB 100 – (1986)

Schecter Blackjack Telecaster with coil tap

Alhambra CS 3 Classical Guitars

Paul Reed Smith – 305 with maple fretboard (2010)

Tokai Premium Japanese made Es175 – (2013)

Roland GR300 Guitar Synth (1981) with Gr3oo

Babicz – Spider – Electric Acoustic Guitar

Strauss amps

Mxr Pedals

Jet City Amps

Ernie Ball


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